If we have learned anything from COVID-19, it’s that we are not in control. This virus has disrupted so many of our plans as individuals, as families, and even as a church. And yet our Immanuel God is with us and is still in control, and He continues to lead us to new and creative ways to follow Him despite the challenging circumstances. Scroll down to get an idea of all the opportunities for discipleship, community, worship, and mission at Wellspring this Fall!

  • Information about our Sunday Services

  • Opportunities to build community and embrace diversity (e.g., Home Groups, EQUIP, Wrestle)

  • Plans for our Children, Youth, College, and Young Adult Ministries

  • Our COVID-SAFE commitments


Sunday services will happen in homes via livestream and in person at both of our campuses.

The 9am Wheaton service has a max capacity of 100 attendees. The service will be streamed live at 9:00am and available on-demand afterwards.
The 10:30am Warrenville service has a max capacity of 10 households. The service will be recorded and available to view by Sunday afternoon.


Sunday Children’s Worship at both campuses is suspended due to COVID-19.

The opening of any additional in-person services will be contingent on the local epidemiology, congregational interest, and the availability of sufficient volunteer resources.

We will begin a new sermon series for this year, which is entitled “Truth and Love in a Culture of Spin and Fear” and will cover the books of 1 & 2 Timothy and Philemon.


Home groups are our primary vehicle for community and support. Our groups are safe places where we can be formed by God through studying His word, praying, and sharing life together. Through groups we care for each other and also reach out to those who do not yet know Jesus. Our groups study a variety of curricula, including our newly launched IMPEL curriculum based on our Sunday sermons. Click HERE to sign up.

For more information:

at Wheaton – cheryl@wellspringalliance.net

at Warrenville – steve@wellspringalliance.net

Want to meet people at Wellspring? Want to be encouraged by stories of how God has grown and changed us? Join our new Sunday night EQUIP community called, “Who Is My Neighbor?” We will gather via Zoom starting on Aug 23 at 7PM. Each week, we’ll hear a new story and gather in groups to discuss, pray, and meet one another. All ages are invited and encouraged to attend! Click HERE for the Zoom link.

Women, INC is a ministry to connect women to God through prayer, connect women to Truth through Bible study, and connect women to each other through our stories.  Group dynamics are still being discussed (online/in-person), but they will start online Zoom meetings on September 15th. During the month of September, there will be two opportunities (Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening) to join them to hear a speaker and connect with other women.

For more information: contact Sharon Krohn or Susan Lewis.

Join us for meaningful conversations on difficult topics with the following aims:

1) To create opportunities within the church to dialogue about social issues and to reason together about how God would have us respond and
2) To encourage mobilization of believers towards Christ-centered civic engagement.

Previous topics have been immigration, the environment, COVID-19, and policing.

Wrestle w/Politics will be on October 7. Skye Jethani will be the guest speaker.

Join Pastor Joyce Dalrymple and Sunny Jonas as we watch and discuss bimonthly “movies that matter” around themes of justice and reconciliation from a Gospel/Scripture-based perspective. We will discuss films and grow in empathy and community together.

Sept. 14, 7pm via zoom: True Justice (YouTube), 100 min. To RSVP, email  sunnysuejonas@gmail.com.


At Wellspring, we come alongside children by creating environments for the Holy Spirit to teach and move among us. We are excited for children to encounter Jesus through interactive Bible storytelling, prayer and worship experiences. Amidst our communities of faith, we seek to nurture children into loving relationships with Jesus Christ, taking on his character.

Pastor Kathy Woods, Wellspring Kids

For all ages, we are encouraging families to take advantage of The Bible Story Handbook. Also, Wellspring leaders will create short weekly videos around our Fall 2020 theme:

Jesus-The One Who Sees.

We’ll spend time in worship, share bible stories, and pray together via weekly Zoom Gatherings.

We will partner with parents by recommending several options for video bible lessons, including “What’s In The Bible?”, to help children grow in their love of God.

We will recommend “The Bible Project” to help children understand the Bible and meet with God.

Girl’s Night Out (GNO) and Boy’s Night Out (BNO) are adult-led gender-specific small group experiences that meet bi-weekly. Scottie May and Melissa Ludzack will lead GNO starting on 9/9. Plans for BNO are developing.


Our three core values are Christ, Compassion, and Community. We pursue Christ through worship, Bible-teaching, and prayer. We pursue Compassion through open-armed connection events and social justice. We pursue Community through student-led small groups. We want young people to know the love of God and to develop a compassionate heart for others.

Pastor James Lee, Youth Group

Three levels of relationships: first circle, one on one zoom calls weekly. Second circle, same-gender small group meets bi-weekly (5-8 people max). Third circle, a medium sized group (1 female and 1 male group, 15 max) that gathers bi-weekly for fellowship and worship/teaching.

The fall kick-off (medium sized group) will be on August 29 (7p-9p at the Wheaton Campus). Schedules will be available in an online format on the August 26 newsletter (sign up for
fridge magnets as well).

Masks and social distancing will be required at all times. No large gatherings. Small groups will be dismissed on a schedule to prevent large gatherings. Dismissal schedule will be available on the weekly youth newsletter.

The primary method of communication is through the youth newsletter (this is different from the all-church “E- News”). Click HERE to sign up for the weekly Youth Newsletter.


Concentric circles are circles with a common center. What is our common goal? “The aim of our charge is LOVE that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith” (1 Tim 1:5). Our faith, hope, and LOVE in the gospel of Jesus marks and lead to a compelling Christian community. A community that is hospitable, hopeful, peacemaking, and caring. But what do these circles represent? They represent different sizes of relationships.

The key to the breadth of a community is the depth of smaller circles. We want to see one-on-one relationships grow deeper. We want to see a group of three pairs develop stronger bonds of relationships. And we want to do this through deeper prayer, seeking God’s face, to see His hands at work in our very present challenges and brokenness around us. The opportunity to see God’s glory and His Name lifted up is right in front of us. This Fall will be a season of tests and trials of our faith. May God continue to purify us!


Prayer Partners/Pairs for a month! 

  • Pair up with a friend or signup (link to come) to be paired up with someone from church
  • Intentional touch point (text, phone, meet, etc.) once per week or more
  • Prayer resources provided

2W6  (2 people walking 6 feet apart)

  • Meet at a trail or nearby park
  • Get 2W6 Guide questions to check in and pray for one another 

Pastoral/Mentorship Care

  • Wellspring is here for you!
  • Click HERE to email Pastor Stephen Hong to set up an appointment. 

Watch Party for Sunday Service 

  • Supporting Wheaton’s strong encouragement to livestream church services, there will be no shuttles running to the Wheaton College this Fall.  We recommend that you “attend” and actively worship together at Wellspring with other students in one of the following ways:
    • Watch the livestream together outside (weather permitting), and discuss the sermon afterward.
    • Watch the sermon at different times, but grab lunch or dinner to go and discuss the sermon over a meal (outside or indoor). 

Who is my neighbor? – an EQUIP Community

  • Meet new people at Wellspring, hear/share stories, and build community! Meetings will be via Zoom. See above to sign up!

Prayer Challenge

  • With the beginning of the new sermon series this Fall, we are encouraging all of our church members to join in to pray together. Sign up to engage!

Click HERE to join our College GroupMe.


Prayer Partners/Pairs for a month! 

  • Signup at our Fall Kickoff or online (link to come)
  • Prayer resources/package will be provided
  • Weekly or Daily

3 Pairs Gatherings

  • In 3 pairs
  • Some ideas: meet up at a park, YAMYARD (someone’s backyard), a picnic, lunch after Sunday service, coffee, dessert, or tea party, etc.
  • Monthly (3rd Week of the Month)

Night of Worship, Testimonies, and Prayer at Church

  • All of us together
  • Following CDC guidelines and church’s Sunday protocol
  • Monthly (1st Friday of the month)

Click HERE to join GroupMe 

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