The Two Become One

In 2014, the leadership teams of Blanchard Alliance Church and Living Water Alliance Church asked, “Could we reach the increasing diversity of our area more effectively together than apart?” At the time, Blanchard was predominantly Caucasian, while Living Water was predominantly Asian-American. While both of the churches were reaching people like themselves, they felt that coming together, though challenging, would teach everyone to depend more on God and to be more sensitive to other cultures.

A Season Of Discernment

The key to the breadth of a community is the depth of smaller circles. We want to see one-on-one relationships grow deeper. We want to see a group of three pairs develop stronger bonds of relationships. And we want to do this through deeper prayer, seeking God’s face, to see His hands at work in our very present challenges and brokenness around us. The opportunity to see God’s glory and His Name lifted up is right in front of us. This Fall will be a season of tests and trials of our faith. May God continue to purify us!

Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

On October 2, 2016, we celebrated our past, present, and future as we recognized God’s faithfulness to Blanchard (50 years), Warrenville (10 years), Living Water (5 years), and the new work of Wellspring. In the midst of the celebration, Pastor Mitch Kim was formally commissioned as the Pastor of Wellspring Alliance Church.