Mark and Sue Davis smiling


Mark and Sue Davis are commissioned as CAMA workers in Guadalajara, Mexico. They work alongside local CMA church plants in pointing people toward Jesus by addressing local needs through community development.

Bethany Litteral smiling


Bethany Litteral is commissioned as an International Worker from Wellspring. Bethany was involved in several Wellspring ministries while attending Wheaton College. She teaches high school English at El Camino Academy in Colombia, a school for missionary and local students.

Carissa Van Schooten smiling


Carissa Van Schooten is commissioned as an International Worker for C&MA from Wellspring. Carissa worked on staff at Wellspring for two years prior to going to Germany as an Alliance international worker ministering to Arabic-speaking refugees.

Eric and Beth Mason smiling

Eric and Beth Mason become Wellspring International Workers. Eric and Beth served at the South Asian Friendship Center before transitioning to the Family Empowerment Center in Chicago, an Alliance Envision site.

Jeff and Karyn Kamphausen smiling

Jeff and Karyn Kamphausen become Wellspring International Workers. Jeff was the former pastor of Wellspring’s Warrenville campus before going to Thailand. Ordained/consecrated through the Alliance, they are on special assignment with Teach Beyond serving at Grace International School.

Susan and Ishak smiling

Susan and Ishak Derek become Wellspring International Workers. Susan worked on staff at Wellspring before going to Southeast Asia. She met and married Ishak and serves in women’s prison ministry while also assisting Ishak in soccer ministry.

Caroline Lancaster smiling


Caroline Lancaster becomes a Wellspring International Worker. Caroline attended Wellspring while her husband, Mason, studied at Wheaton Graduate School. She serves with Intervarsity as Associate Director for Multiethnic Initiatives in California.

A very large group of people packed together outside the church building smiling and posing for a congregation wide photo.


As the congregations of Living Water, Blanchard, and Warrenville came together, Wellspring Alliance Church was formed, we were able to commemorate the past, present, and future of each church and acknowledging God’s faithfulness to Blanchard for 50 years, Warrenville for 10 years, and Living Water for 5 years. The newly-formed church recognized that God was starting a new work in the combined congregations.

A group of people praying over Pastor Mitch Kim and his family on the stage in the Blanchard sanctuary


After the merge task force met for several months, a vote across the congregations of Living Water and Blanchard was made. The vote was unanimous to merge the two churches. Living Water moved to Blanchard’s Wheaton campus and Mitch Kim became Senior pastor of the combined church.

Ten people posing for a picture smiling from both Living Water and Blanchard church.

After initial conversations and prayer between the leadership teams of Living Water and Blanchard, a merge task force was commissioned to explore and discern if the two churches might be better together to reach the diversity of our area.

Three sets of parents dedicating their young children to God on stage in a church service.


Living Water Alliance Church moved to Grace Church of DuPage after reaching capacity at DePaul. On Ash Wednesday, Living Water and Blanchard Alliance & Warrenville held the first joint worship service between the two congregations. Blanchard Alliance Chruch’s pastor Ron Mangin resigned. Their Governing Board maintained the church and began to consider a merger with Living Water Alliance Church.

A large room filled with people sitting and listening to someone speaking from the front.


Living Water Alliance Church worship moved to DePaul University’s Naperville campus because of parking limitations at West Alliance Church. The first service in the new location overflowed with 182 people.

A small group of people talking and laughing in a church sanctuary.


Living Water Alliance Church, Blanchard Alliance Church & Warrenville campus joined together for the first time, for a Wednesday prayer service.

A church service where people on stage, people in front of the stage, and people from the congregation are praying over the resigning pastor and his family.

Blanchard Alliance Church’s pastor John Casey resigned after 32 years of ministry. Ron Mangin became Senior Pastor. The first Kid’s Camp was held, partnering with other churches to serve under-resourced children from Lincoln school. Volunteers helped with chapel, reading & math skills, field trips, recreation, and meal preparation.

Many people in the living room of a home holding papers and singing songs while one person plays the guitar.


Living Water Alliance Church launched their first home group, which soon multiplied to become six groups meeting in different locations.

A women coming out of the water after being baptized.

Living Water Alliance Church celebrated their first baptisms with two people from unchurched backgrounds being baptized.

Many people at the front of a church sanctuary. A pastor with outstretched arms praying over the people at the front. Congregation members in their chairs praying for the people at the front as well.

After many 40-day prayer seasons, Living Water Alliance Church is commissioned by West Alliance Church as a daughter church to reach more effectively those between cultures in our area. Living Water’s mission statement: Clearing the way for Living Water: Connecting people into God’s family, Loving them to wholeness, Empowering them for ministry, and Reproducing families to do the same.

A group of people smiling in front of a green hillside.

2008 – 2009

Blanchard Alliance Church starts the Lincoln School tutoring program building relationships with local students while helping with their studies. Short term mission teams traveled to serve in China, Spain, Ukraine, Cambodia, and El Salvador.

Outside of church building with steep pitched roofs brick walls and minimal landscaping.


Blanchard Road Alliance Church changes name to Blanchard Alliance Church. Campaign launched to remodel Warrenville property.

A group of people sitting in a gym on blue chairs waiting for the service to start.


Blanchard Road Alliance Church rented the Warrenville Community Center as a second campus. The first worship service at the Warrenville campus was held on Palm Sunday.

A group of 4 people holding hands in a circle praying.


Blanchard Road Alliance Church elders launched a post-service prayer ministry, forming teams of people to pray for any who come in need. A new mission statement is adopted: Being with God, Obeying God’s instructions, Living in unity, Serving as gifted, Healing our world, and Going as sent ones.

Group of 6 people in a circle praying for a women in the middle. The group of people all have their hands on the shoulders of the women in the middle.


Blanchard Road Alliance Church begins research for starting a new church locally. The Gallery, a Saturday evening worship service began at Blanchard.

Pastor Mitch Kim and wife Eunsil with other church leaders posing in front of a cross..


West Alliance Church ordains Mitch Kim as English ministry pastor, overseeing both youth and adults, under Rev. Hyunbae Cho.

A group of children sitting on the ground doing motions to a story being told by a teacher in front of the group.


Blanchard Road Alliance Church launched the Stephen Ministry program. Over 1,000 people attend the first off-site all church service.

Children's choir singing on stage in front of a wooden cross


Korean West Alliance Church moved to Butterfield Road property in Warrenville and officially changed their name to West Alliance Church.

Church service, back of people's heads facing worship team leading a song on stage, large sanctuary with distinctive wood beams and large windows


Blanchard Road Alliance Church holds their first worship service in the new Blanchard sanctuary and has an overflow attendance of 583 people.

Church service, backs of people heads in the congregation facing a choir and worship team leading a song


Korean West Alliance Church begins separate worship services in English for youth and intermarried couples.

John P. Casey and some other man smiling


John P. Casey begins his 32 years of ministry as Senior Pastor of Blanchard Road Alliance Church.

Church building in winter time


Sanctuary of Blanchard Road building in Wheaton is completed. Wheaton Alliance Church name is officially changed to Blanchard Road Alliance Church.

Group of 19 people posing for a picture in a row


Korean West Alliance Church was founded by Rev. Il Sik Choe in the basement of Lombard Bible Church and became a safe haven for people in between cultures — Korean immigrants, their children, and intermarried couples.

Ron Gifford speaking in front of a stain glass window behind a pulpit with both hands raised


Ron Gifford became Wheaton Alliance Church’s third pastor, and served for nine years.

Church building in the snow with a sign in front that says "Future site of The Blanchard Road Alliance Church"


Wheaton Alliance Chruch purchased Blanchard Road property for $55,000 but hasn’t yet officially changed names.

Three people standing in front of a building at 120 W Wesley

1965 -1966

A group of six begins to pray about starting a C&MA church in Wheaton. Wheaton Alliance Church is organized a year later meeting at the Masonic Temple and Nick Berkich accepts the call as first pastor.