Wellspring is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We are more than a denomination—we are a people who engage, support and send workers to share the gospel.  We maintain a commitment to cross-cultural ministry by financially supporting, praying for and maintaining correspondence with 30 international worker households, engaging the church in partnership with gloabl and local service opportunities and sending short-term missions teams. 

Missions Fest 2021

Our 2021 Missions Fest week is just around the corner and will take place on Jan 24-31. Our theme is UNFINISHED. There will be many different virtual opportunities to get to know our IW’s and pray for them as a Wellspring body. Click HERE to view the Program of Events.

Mobilizing Interest In Missions

Do you have a heart for missions that compels you to do something about it – whether it means going overseas or never leaving your zip code? Marshall and Babs Mullinax, from the Midwest District Office, would love to spend time with you to help clarify your call, answer your concerns, discover what could be, and decide what to do now (and what to wait for). Register for “Mobilizing Interest in Missions–Considering the Call” on Saturday, Jan 25 at 7PM by clicking HERE. There will be a follow-up meeting – think of it as a really great beginning for this new journey – on Saturday, Jan 30 at 7PM.

Missions Mentorship Program

We have a sizable group of individuals who have indicated an interest in serving in vocational missions. Are there experienced IW’s at Wellspring that would be interested in serving in a well-coordinated mentorship program for an individual or a small group? If yes, please sign up HERE.