Wellspring is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. We are more than a denomination—we are a people who engage, support and send workers to share the gospel.  We maintain a commitment to cross-cultural ministry by financially supporting, praying for and maintaining correspondence with 30 international worker households, engaging the church in partnership with gloabl and local service opportunities and sending short-term missions teams. 

Local Medical Missions Opportunity

Bolingbrook Christian Health Center

Saturday, October 16 – 9am – 2pm – MEDICAL WORKERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

Have you ever returned from a medical missions trip and found yourself wishing it didn’t have to end? Many in our community are uninsured and lack access to care.  At the Bolingbrook Christian Health Center, you can join in with others and serve the underserved. Come join in providing healthcare to the uninsured.  The Health Center has been open for 18 years providing primary care services while sharing the love of Jesus.  During the pandemic, care increased from 1,000 patient visits per year to 3,000.  Wellspring’s gift in the early months of the pandemic helped keep the doors of this ministry open in a time when it was needed the most. The patient population is low income, uninsured patients across the western Chicago suburbs.  Many are first generation Americans, primarily from Hispanic countries.  The patients have a growing need for specialty care which is not accessible to them without insurance, so we are seeking medical volunteers for a Medical Specialists Clinic on Saturday, August 21st.  We are seeking medical providers, nurses, medical assistants, translators, nutritionists, physical therapists, podiatrists, hematologists, optometrists/ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, orthopedics, ENTs, urologists, rheumatologists, phlebotomists, exercise/Zumba class leaders for an outdoor class and prayer team members to cover the day and our patients in prayer.  This day will make specialist care accessible for the patients that receive their primary medical care through the Bolingbrook Christian Health Center and will support the work of the primary care providers who need some assistance with patients that have more complicated diagnoses.

Can you share a day to come make a difference, using your talents in the name of Jesus to reach this population? Take your time and pray with patients. Malpractice insurance will be provided, scribes will be provided, and a wonderful lunch representing the communities served will be shared with the team.

No medical skills but you care about people and love to serve? You are needed! It takes a big team to make an event flow successfully. We will need a spiritual care team that can pray, organizers that can direct patients to their exam rooms, people to sanitize rooms between patients, and if available a team to lead an exercise group such as Zumba.

Please don’t delay in signing up! Knowing who is committed as soon as possible will help us organize a more successful outreach.

Dates:  A firm commitment is needed by September 17 to schedule patients for each Specialist as well as arrange for malpractice coverage.

To sign up or to get additional information:  Contact Susan Davis (marksusan3@yahoo.com)

Missions Mentorship Program

We have a sizable group of individuals who have indicated an interest in serving in vocational missions. Are there experienced IW’s at Wellspring that would be interested in serving in a well-coordinated mentorship program for an individual or a small group? If yes, please sign up HERE.