Prayer Partner Resources

We’ve compiled this list of prayer resources and ideas for you to use with your prayer partner. This list is by no means exhaustive, but is meant to be a helpful starting point and springboard for you and your prayer partner. In the absence of programs, let us devote ourselves to prayer. May His name be hallowed, His kingdom come, and His will be done.

Love, The YAM Leadership Team

ACTS Prayer: Pray either in person or on the phone through these prayer points with your partner. This helps us to meditate on God’s character and practice the discipline of confession.

  1. Adoration: Praise God for His character and who He is
  2. Confession: Confess and repent of your sins to God
  3. Thanksgiving: Thank God for what He has done and how He is working
  4. Supplication: Lift up your requests to God

The Lord’s Prayer: Pray through the Lord’s prayer with your prayer partner (see Matthew 6:5-13.) Read it aloud, one line at a time. Pause after each line to pray aloud and respond to God. For example, you read, “Our Father in heaven.” Offer prayers to God, praising Him for adopting you as His child, for being your heavenly Father, meditating on this part of His character. “Hallowed be your name.” Pause and pray for specific ways and places you want to see His name lifted up. Follow this pattern for each line in the prayer.

Pray through a Psalm: Choose a psalm with your partner. Similar to the pattern above, read it aloud, one verse at a time. Then, take time to respond in prayer aloud after each verse.

Prayer Walking: Choose a place or a location where you want to see God move. This could be your neighborhood, your campus, your workplace, a certain town, etc. Use this Prayer Walk resource from the Navigators to help guide your time while you prayer walk.

Prayer for the Persecuted: We have brothers and sisters around the world who face immense suffering and persecution for following Jesus. You and your partner can pray for them using these prayer resources from Open Doors, or by downloading the Open Doors App.

Prayer for the World: Spend time in prayer for different countries using a resource like Operation World. You and your partner can choose a specific country to focus on, or you can use the Operation World App to receive specific prayer points for the country of the day. You can also focus your prayer on specific people groups through the Joshua Project. With the Joshua Project App, you can pray for a different unreached people group every day.

Pray the News: As you listen to or read about different news events, save one or two stories. Bring these to your prayer partner and together lift these issues up to God. You can also research the country where the story occurred through Operation World (see above) and receive specific prayer points.

Gratitude: Gratitude is a spiritual discipline. It helps lift our eyes to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Get in the habit of noticing ways you see God and experience His goodness throughout the day. Write these down in a journal. When you meet with your prayer partner, share these with them. Praise and thank God together for His presence and work in each of your lives.

Lectio Divina: Follow this method of meditating on Scripture with your partner. You can read the passage aloud together and pray aloud together as you go.

Silencio– prepare your heart to hear from God by slowing down. Get settled in one place and begin to quiet yourself before the Lord. As you cast your cares on Him, intentionally begin to let go of the hurry and noise that often prevents us from listening to God.

Lectio– read the passage of Scripture slowly and out loud. Forget about reading quickly. Slow down. Use your imagination to picture yourself as part of the setting. Resist the temptation to analyze or judge the text or use the text as a message for someone else. Focus on listening as if God were speaking directly to you.

Meditatio– read the passage again, pausing to let the words sink deeply into your mind and heart. As a particular word or phrase catches your attention, repeat it several times. Without trying to over-spiritualize the meaning, ponder what God seems to be saying to you through this passage. How does this word or phrase connect with your life right now?

Oratio– respond by praying the passage as you read it aloud a third time. Enter into a conversation with God. Honestly and truthfully talk with God about what He seems to be saying to you through this passage. Now is the time to respond to God. How does the passage make you feel? What action or attitude is God calling you to embrace? Respond from your heart to what God is saying.

Contemplatio– Rest and wait patiently in the presence of God. As you give God’s Spirit time to work in your life, yield to Him. Entrust your past, present and future to the Lord in light of what He has spoken. Ask the Lord to continue to do His transforming work throughout the day as you continue to listen. Conclude with a prayer of Thanksgiving.

    Check-In Questions

    Here are some check-in questions that you can ask your partner to spark some deeper conversation and prayer:

    • How did you see the Lord at work this week? 
    • In what ways did He meet you in your time in the Word, in prayer, in community, etc.? 
    • What do you sense He is teaching you in this season? 
    • What are ways or areas that you are wanting to experience more of His presence? 
    • What are ways or areas in which you are struggling to trust the Lord right now? How can we pray about those areas together?