Concentric circles are circles with a common center. What is our common goal? “The aim of our charge is LOVE that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith” (1 Tim 1:5). Our faith, hope, and LOVE in the gospel of Jesus marks and lead to a compelling Christian community. A community that is hospitable, hopeful, peacemaking, and caring. But what do these circles represent? They represent different sizes of relationships.

The key to the breadth of a community is the depth of smaller circles. We want to see one-on-one relationships grow deeper. We want to see a group of three pairs develop stronger bonds of relationships. And we want to do this through deeper prayer, seeking God’s face, to see His hands at work in our very present challenges and brokenness around us. The opportunity to see God’s glory and His Name lifted up is right in front of us. This Fall will be a season of tests and trials of our faith. May God continue to purify us!

Prayer Partners/Pairs for a month! 

  • Signup at our Fall Kickoff or online (link to come)
  • Prayer resources/package will be provided
  • Weekly or Daily

3 Pairs Gatherings

  • In 3 pairs
  • Some ideas: meet up at a park, YAMYARD (someone’s backyard), a picnic, lunch after Sunday service, coffee, dessert, or tea party, etc.
  • Monthly (3rd Week of the Month)

Night of Worship, Testimonies, and Prayer at Church

  • All of us together
  • Following CDC guidelines and church’s Sunday protocol
  • Monthly (1st Friday of the month)

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