Elected leadership positions

See below for information about the various elected leadership positions Wellspring members are called to serve in.

Governing Board Members

Each Governing Board member has a two-fold ministry. He/she participates in vision setting and oversight for all the church’s ministries and in decision making for church-wide policy and business issues.

Member at Large

Members at large serve on the Governing Board and live out Wellspring’s purpose, values, and vision through their leadership. They also collaborate with the elders to provide care, oversight, protection, teaching, equipping, and ruling of the church body. They represent the vision, values, and goals of the church to those within and outside the congregation.


In addition to the duties described above, the Secretary takes minutes at meetings, helps organize meeting agendas, and takes attendance.


In addition to the duties described above, the treasurer supervises the disbursement and reporting of funds in accordance with the approved budget, chairs the church Finance Committee, and supervises the work of the church accountant.

Financial Secretary

In addition to the duties described above, the Financial Secretary is responsible to receive all donations on behalf of the church, keep accurate records, and document the source of the donations and the purpose for which they are given.


The Deacons work as a team to meet the financial, emotional and physical needs of people within the church family or its outreach. According to Acts 6:3, deacons are “of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom.”