“Hello” from Nom Com!

Are you new to Wellspring and wondering what the Nominating Committee (aka “Nom Com”) is? Or maybe you’ve been attending for a while… but you’re still unsure about what exactly Nom Com does?

We’ve put together a 2 minute video to help you learn:

  • Who is on the Nominating Committee?
  • How is Nom Com formed?
  • What is Nom Com’s role?
  • How does Nom Com identify candidates?
  • How can I support this work?

Ken Kunz (chair), Benson Chan, Rachel Waterman, Linda Oury, Hana Yoo, Jessica Stoffer, Mitch Kim (ex officio)

Nominations for 2025 Nom Com

At our annual meeting on June 9th, the congregation will elect three members to next year’s Nominating Committee; our new Governing Board will later appoint three additional members.

If you know someone who is spiritually mature, enjoys talking to people, and cares deeply about the leadership needs of our church, please consider nominating them!

If you’d like to learn more about serving in this ministry, please reach out to one of the Nom Com members listed above or email the group. We’d love to chat with you about the role and help you discern whether you might be a good candidate.

Nomination criteria

  • Person submitting the nomination must be an active member
  • Nominee must be an active member
  • Nominee has confirmed that they are willing to be nominated

Submit nomination

Please email your nomination to nomcom@wellspringalliance.net no later than Friday, June 7th.